Step 3 : Personalization

The picking and packing are done, now all that's left is to personalize your product for the perfect look! Take a look at CJ's personalized options on the right and click on a photo to view a gallery with detailed information!

Step 1 : Choose a Product
Step 2 : Choose a Package
Step 3 : Choose a Personalization
Personalizing a Package

Sample of plate
with detailed image
Now that you have chosen a product from CJ"s Confections and found a package to put it in, it is time to decide how you will let the recipient know who it came from. CJ's Confections offers many ways to put names, logos, or even pictures on the package or the product!

If you have browsed the pages, you have seen many examples of the personalizing that we have done for our customers. Each method has strong features about it and there is no one best way. Take a minute or two to familiarize yourself with the various ways ot tell others your message.

On the package

Hot stamping is used for puting a singled colored image on the package or tag and is really the only way to get a true "metallic foil" look. A metal plate is made from your image, heated up and
Hot Stamping - metallic foil after image "printed" notice detail is lost!
Metallic foil after image is "printed"
Notice the detail is lost!
Hot Stamping - Simple lines and clear spaces come out best!
Simple lines and clear spaces
come out the best!
pressed down onto the package or tag with a piece of foil between the plate and the printed surface. The heat and pressure fuse the image onto the printed surface.
Good Points - This is the only way to get the metallic foil look, gives good color coverage, is best for simple logs and words, setup cost is low ($50.00 per plate), and print cost is low (10 cents or less per package).
Bad Points - Get only one color per plate, lines must be large and distinct (with detailed images, the foil "smears" fine lines and close points).

Printing on the package is used when many colors or complex images are desired. There are many options in printing and it is best to browse the galleries and find something that you like. Contact CJ's so that we can help decide how best to get it to you.
The Hunter Golf Package
The Hunter Golf package was printed on all 4 sides and on the top.
It was used to introduce a new golf ball at a show.

Combining color with black gives a distinctive and low cost look!

The San Diego Harbor Excursion and the Humphrey's Resort boxes are a combination of printing and hot stamping.

Combining color with black gives a distinctive and low cost look!

A simple label for a half pound chocolate bar
A simple label for a half pound chocolate bar makes
an effective presentation with a message of thanks!

Good Points - Unlimited color selections. Can be low cost (for ink jet labels and tags). Freedom with design.
Bad Points - No metallic foil. For high ink coverage the printing cost is high (need to use printing presses).

Silk screening image on chocolate bars
Personalizing on the sweet - "When the chocolate is the message"

Printing on the chocolate is done by "silk screening" an ink made with cocoa butter. The image can be detailed but it is best to limit the image to one color. The chocolate backgrounds can be of different colors to increase interest and contrast in the final piece.
Another form of personalizing a chocolate is to print onto edible paper and to put the printed image onto the chocolate. The cost is low and because it is printed on an ink jet printer, the detail and colors are not limited.

Casting an image into the chocolate.

CJ's Confections offers you the ability to cast into the chocolate images. Below are two examples of a cast in image. The first was created for a bride who wanted a monogram of her new last name cast into a chocolate heart. She also wanted the font to match the font on her wedding invitations.
A cusotmer wanted the image of a bicycle rider and the company's logo on a chocolate bar for a trade show where they were giving a bicycle away.

Custom Monogramed Chocolate Heart
Monogramed Heart Chocolate
Custom Chocolate Morgan Run Card
Custom Chocolate Card