CJ's Confection's Shipping Policy

Shipping Everything Except Chocolate
CJ's Confections is happy to ship the products that they sell. Products like brittle, caramel corn, and candied nuts will ship easily and can usually use the most basic (low cost) shipping methods.

Shipping Chocolate
Shipping chocolate is like shipping ice cream except that the temperatures allowable are not as cold. But if we fail to take temperature into account, the results are the same as with melted ice cream. All of the products that we make are fresh and in good condition when we pack them. Controlling what happens when they are shipped is the difficult part.

From June 1st to September 30th
All shipping of chocolates requires "expedited" shipping such as second day or next day. In some cases "next day AM" will be required. Shipments will be insured for the full amount. The shipping almost always costs more than the product in these cases.

From October through may of the following year
It may be possible to ship with a regular ground shipping from the post office, UPS, FedEx, etc. Depending on the weather where CJ"s Confections is located and the conditions at the destination and all the way in between, CJ's will advise on the best way to ship. Please note, CJ's is located in San Diego and we frequently have heat waves a week or two before Christmas where temperatures in delivery trucks will melt chocolates.

Christmas Orders
CJ's Confections is a small shop and does it's best to service regular customers (people and businesses that order from us all year long) on a preferred basis. After the 3rd week of November it is rare that we can fit in "Christmas" orders that have not been placed well in advance (usually by mid November). We hire extra staff but find that if we push to hard, our quality suffers and no one is happy. SO ORDER EARLY!!