How We Make Our Chocolates at CJ's Confections!

CJ's uses the finest quality ingredients!
CJ's uses the finest
ingredients available!
At CJ's Confections we start with the best ingredients. Real dairy cream and butter, premium chocolate, and our flavorings come from what they say they are! Raspberry truffles use raspberries, Gran Marnier truffles use Gran Marnier liqueur, Toffeedamia is a real butter toffee poured over dry roasted Macadamia nuts.

CJ's rolls all of its truffles by hand!
CJ's rolls all its truffles by hand!
Truffles - Cream is boiled, chocolate is melted and a ganache is formed for truffles. The cooled ganache is sectioned and hand rolled. Hand rolling allows us to check the ganache for unmelted chocolate and size. Hand rolling also means that each truffle is unique! They may look similar but each one is a little different.

Sealing the tuffle with a process known as bottoming
Sealing the truffle with the
process known as 'bottoming'

Coating and Bottoming - After the centers of the truffles are formed, they are given a healthy coating of chocolate that we blend to bring out the best in every flavor. In a CJ's Confections assortment there are 4 blends of chocolate for the coatings. We can do this because we have a different coating line for each blend of chocolate. After coating, the chocolates are trimmed and bottomed. When chocolate "sets" correctly, it shrinks and has a shine. The shrinking causes the center to squeeze out of the thinnest part of the truffle, which is the bottom. Each truffle is bottomed to seal the center inside.

Hand decorating each truffle
Hand decorating each truffle
Decorating - After bottoming, the truffles are hand decorated. Each design and color combination is unique to the flavor of the chocolate. Again, since they are hand decorated, no two are exactly the same.

Packing - decorated chocolates are placed in a candy cup and into packing boxes. When you place and order, the flavors that you choose are pulled and the chocolates are placed into the package of your choice. At CJ's Confections, there is no back stock. We don't pack it until you order it!