CJ's Confections' Chocolate Making Term Glossary

Glossary Term


A sweet treat made with sugar and flavorings. Grained candy is like fudge or a "southern style praline". A sugar syrup is boiled and allowed to recrystallize. Large grain crystallization is found in rock candy while fine grained crystallization is found in fudge. Fondant is a grained sugar syrup that has a small amount of "invert" syrup added for stability. Hard crack candy is a sugar syrup boiled to a higher temperature so that it is stable, hard, and does not form crystals readily.


A stable sugar syrup that has been thickened by boiling it, usually has corn syrup added. CJ's Confections uses butter, milk, and brown sugar along with corn syrup to make their caramel. Commercial caramels may or may not have these ingredients added.

Chocolate Bark

A solid sheet mixture of chocolate and anything else that is dry and added for flavor and texture (such as nuts, dried fruit, bits of candy, etc.)

Custom Mold

A mold that is made specifically for the customer. There are a variety of ways chocolate molds may be made and it depends on what the customer requires as to the best way to perform the molding operation. The usual cost for a custom mold is $150.00. Some have cost more, and some less, but that is a good starting estimate.


CJ's Confections makes their fudge with a fine grain and adds butter and chocolate for flavor and texture. Fudge has no legal definition but in the candy industry it is generally accepted as being a grained sugar syrup. (We think that we can do better!)

Semi Custom Mold

A mold that is made off of something that already exists. Since the time required to make the mold is less, the process of making the mold is easier and cheaper.

Stock Flavor

A flavor which CJ's Confections keeps on hand and does not require any special conditions to order.

Stock Mold

A mold that is made by one of the many manufacturers of chocolate molds. Typically, the arrangement that is made between CJ's and the customer is that the molds are purchased by the customer. If, after the order is completed, the customer does not want the molds, CJ's Confections will offer to purchase the molds at half of the purchase price. Mold manufacturers charge whatever they think their molds are worth and the prices usually range between $1.50 and $7.00 each and the number of molds required is dependant on the quantity of pieces ordered.


A hard crack candy made with sugar and, for the best flavor, butter.


The origin of truffles is with melted chocolate which is blended with the cream so as to keep it soft. This mixture is allowed to cool and them formed, typically into balls. The balls can be rolled in chopped nuts, sugar, cocoa powder, or what ever is desired. Or they can be coated with chocolate which seals in the moisture and helps preserve the flavors. This is how CJ's Confections makes its truffles. Mass manufactured truffles are typically made with fudge recipes and injected into molds coated with chocolate. After the centers firm up, the bottoms of the molds are "capped" with chocolate and the "truffles" are removed from the molds. With no legal definition of "truffle" the candy industry calls a truffle "a high fat centered chocolate" (we think that we can do better!).