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CJ's Fudge, Brittle, Bark,
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CJ's offers a wide variety of fine chocolates to help make all your special occasions the very best they can be!
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Fudge, Brittle, Bark, and Caramel Corn - Tempting Treats
Remember. We don't make it until you order it!

Welcome to everything else CJ's can do for you! Everything that you see here is made to order! How else can we guarantee our customers perfect freshness?
If you don't see it, ask us for it! How about toffee coated nuts? How about Caramel Corn with a chocolate coating? How about giving CJ's a call! Contact us HERE!

Let's face it, who doesn't love fudge?
CJ's Fudge is creamy and loaded with the flavor of real butter, sugar, chocolate, and lots of fruit or nuts. Our fudge is not made from a mix. We slow cook the milk, butter, and sugar, and add nuts, flavorings (like real vanilla or raspberries) and chocolate!

We can pour fudge into many types of containers including coffee mugs or our 4 part sampler with 4 different flavors in one box for a unique gift. We also have a pour tray capable of making 2 pounds of one flavor! CJ's Confections will also provide fudge in bulk wrap for your own distribution

CJ's Fudge in blocks or trays of 4 assorted flavors!
CJ's Fudge comes in blocks or
trays of 4 assorted flavors!
Flavors - (Minimum order is 8 pounds of one flavor.)
Chocolate - Just creamy chocolate fudge. We use lots of rich, dark chocolate and milk in our recipe. If you like chocolate, this is the pure fudge for you!

Maple Nut - Walnuts, brown sugar, butter, and maple in a blond fudge. As always, CJ's Confections' fudge has lots of milk and (for a blond fudge) white chocolate to give creaminess.

Chocolate Walnut - Chocolate fudge with lots of walnuts. Other nuts available on request (but we think that walnuts compliment the fudge well)

Raspberry Swirl - CJ's will make raspberry swirl in a chocolate or blond fudge.

CJ's Brittle
CJ's Brittle in three packaging options!
CJ's Brittle

A real old fashioned brittle made with butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, and lots of nuts. We have tried other recipes but always come back to this basic brittle. Once you taste it you will come back too!

Flavors -

Peanut - the original with roasted peanuts.
CJ's Macadamia Brittle - with lots of dry roasted Macadamia nuts.
Mixed nut - cashews, peanuts, Macadamia, and coconut. Blended to perfection.
Oriental - dare to try something new! Peanuts, sesame, and orange in a tasty brittle that is a CJ's favorite!
CJ's Beautiful Barks!
CJ's Beautiful Barks!
CJ's Bark

No, it isn't the sound that pet chocolates make. Chocolate bark is chocolate mixed with nuts, dried fruit, or candy and then spread out in sheets to cool. The sheets are then broken up into pieces.

Flavors -
CJ's makes 3 standard flavors of bark, but will make it custom to your needs!

White Razcherry - Yummy dried cherry pieces covered with raspberry puree in a white bark.
Milk Toffee - CJ's fresh butter toffee broken up and perfectly blended with our milk chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Almond - Perhaps the original bark was almond bark. CJ's Confections honey roasts the almonds for the supreme almond bark!
CJ's Caramel Corn
CJ's Caramel Corn
CJ's Caramel Corn

CJ's Confections starts with a special type of corn for our Caramel Corn and pops it just before coating with caramel. It costs a little more but it makes for a superior caramel corn. We also use real butter and brown sugar for a great flavor!

CJ's Caramel Corn is available without nuts, or with your choice of Macadamia, Cashews, Peanuts, or Coconut!