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Cast Chocolates
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CJ's offers a wide variety of fine chocolates to help make all your special occasions the very best they can be!
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Romantic Heart Boxes
Cast or Molded Chocolates
Specially Made for Special Events!

Just about anything that can come out of a mold can be made of chocolate. There are thousands of molds available from manufacturers around the country. If you can't find one you like, CJ's Confections can make a custom mold for you!

Why go with a Stock Mold?
Mostly to save time and money. If a mold is in stock and it is suitable, the cost is usually 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a custom molded piece of the same size. Below are some examples of molds that we stock and some of the projects in custom molding that clients have asked us to do for them.

Wedding SuckersRose Shaped Wedding SuckersCustom Card Molding
Assorted Molded Chocolates, Cards, and Suckers for All Occasions!
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Custom Molded Chocolate Sunglasses!
Chocolate Sunglasses
Why choose a Semi Custom Mold?
Some times we can make a mold from an article that already exists. This saves time and can give satisfactory results.
For example, one of CJ's clients wanted 700 pair of child-sized chocolate sunglasses. Children's sunglasses from a local store were used to master molds from which the chocolate pouring molds were created. Problem solved!

Why choose a Custom Mold?
Sometimes what you want is just not available. A logo of your company, a duplicate of a piece of a jewelry, or something that just does not exist. Below are a few custom molds that we made to meet the customer's requirements. The cost of a custom mold is usually $100 to $200, depending on the complexity and size. The price for the chocolate is the same as for a stock mold. If there are going to be lots of pieces produced, the cost of the mold is spread over many pieces and the price difference per piece may not be great. But for a few pieces of chocolate, it can get expensive.

Starfish Digital Scan
(1.) Starfish Digital Scan

Wax Reverse Mold
(2.) Blue wax reverse mold is machined. Plastic (urethatne) master is made from wax mold

One of CJ's client's wanted custom chocolate starfish made for his wedding cake business. Unfortunately, the available stock molds were not the right size for him. But, the process that CJ's uses to create custom molds can be used to duplicate jewelry in chocolate, make monograms, or whatever you wish!

The solution to this client's problem was to use a starfish purchased from a local pet store (for aquariums). A 3-D digital scan of the starfish was made. Once scanned, the size of the starfish could be adjusted larger or smaller (smaller in this case) and used to create a reverse mold made out of wax. The wax reverse mold is then used to cast masters for the manufacture of production molds.

Filling the new molds!
(3.) Masters are made to make a chocolate mold
(shown filled with chocolate)

Comparison of final product to original item!
(4.) Finished chocolate and original starfish. Just about anything can be copied in chocolate!