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CJ's Confections in
Decorative Boxes

CJ's offers a wide variety of fine chocolates to help make all your special occasions the very best they can be!
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CJ's Confections in Decorative Boxes!
Bow Top Boxes
Bow Top Boxes
Perfect for 2
CJ's truffles per box.
($1.65 ea. min 100)

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From small to big, clear to colored, simple to fancy, boxes are the first and most popular way to hand out our products in a package. Boxes are the preferred method of holding chocolates because they protect the chocolates and provide an attractive package. CJ's Confections stocks most of the boxes seen on this site. Many of the boxes have inserts to further protect and display the chocolates.

Boxes may be used for things like brittle, caramel corn, chocolate covered pretzels, and candied nuts, but a better option may be to use bags or tins for these loose items.

Best for Chocolates and Fudge. Can be used for bulk products, but requires a bag liner in the box.

CJ's Fudge
CJ's 12 Pack Box
CJ's popular half pound
assortment with 12 chocolates.
($6.50 ea. min. 1 case (12) boxes)
3 and 4 Pack Clear Boxes
3 and 4 Packs
Clear and Gold Boxes