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Baskets and Bundles

CJ's offers a wide variety of fine chocolates to help make all your special occasions the very best they can be!
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Baskets and Bundles!
Small Basket
Small Basket
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Make your gift budget go farther with a basket or bundle of products from CJ's Confections! Minimum orders apply but CJ's Confections will work with you to give you the maximum value of your purchasing dollar!

Since you have already looked at the various products that we make and the types of packages that we provide, imagine how easy it is to put them together for your gift needs!

Consider that a gift to an office or group of people should be different than one to an individual. If we are putting a bottle of wine into a basket with some chocolates and a couple of glasses, it is a gift for one or two people.

American General 24 Pack and Tin
American General Holiday gift bundle
5 pounds of chocolate pretzels
and 24 pieces of assorted chocolates

For an office may we suggest assorted chocolates, chocolate pretzels, and caramel corn? CJ's will even make cookies and cakes for such packages.
Medium Basket
Medium Basket
We could add a jar or two of dipping chocolate but it would either require dipping something in an office or someone taking it home while the others "get" something else.

Shipping Baskets - As a general rule, CJ's Confections will NOT ship a basket. We hand deliver them to you or to your customer (if required). The requirements fare high for shipping baskets through common companies such as UPS and FedEx, and we are not set up for it. CJ's Confections will bundle products and ship them and it is best to call for the expected requirements.