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CJ's offers a wide variety of fine chocolates to help make all your special occasions the very best they can be!
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Assorted Chocolates For All Occasions!
Toffeedamia! CJ's Confections Original Chocolate Treat!
Our Specialty! In stock all year!

CJ's Confections started with one product, Toffeedamia, using macadamia nuts grown on our family farm in San Diego, a butter toffee is poured over roasted macadamia nuts, the toffee is sectioned and the pieces are coated with milk chocolate then sprinkled with chopped macadamia nuts.

People said "This is great! What else do you make?" and from that beginning 13 years ago, CJ's Confections has developed a line of chocolates that are hand made and exceptionally delicious. Take a look below at the many flavors that CJ's offers!

CJ's Chocolates are made from the very finest ingredients
Our chocolates use the finest ingredients
like real cream, chocolate, butter,
fine liqueurs, and premium nuts
All of our truffles start with melted chocolate and cream to make the "ganache" (the creamy center of a truffle). The ganache is the base that is then flavored with real Gran Marnier, Creme deMenthe, Irish Cream, Raspberries, nuts and nut butters. This base is formed into balls by hand rolling then covering with either dark, milk, or white chocolate. They are trimmed, bottomed, then hand decorated to give them a unique identity.

CJ's Confections has a wide variety of packages to choose from. To protect the chocolates in transportation, boxes are almost always used and CJ's has packages form one piece to 48 pieces. If you can't decide on a flavor and have chosen a single piece package, might we suggest mixing the flavors so that the recipients get an assortment of flavors.

Find out more about How CJ's Makes It's Chocolates!

CJ's Confections' 12 Delicious Assorted Chocolate Flavors!

Chocolate-Chocolate Chocolate-Chocolate
Center is dark chocolate ganache with a dark chocolate coating. The
decoration is white cross-hatch lines.
Creme deMenthe
Dark chocolate ganache flavored with creme deMenthe (mint) liqueur. Coating is white with white lines.
Creme deMenthe
Gran Marnier Gran Marnier
Center is dark chocolate ganache flavored with Gran Marnier Liqueur. Coating is dark chocolate with parallel white lines for decoration.
Peanut Butter
Center is white ganache with lots of chunky peanut butter. The coating is milk chocolate with random milk lines

Peanut Butter!
Maple Maple
Center is white chocolate ganache flavored with brown sugar and maple. Coating is dark chocolate with white swirl for decoration.
A white ganache with toasted coconut and macadamia butter. The coating is milk chocolate with random white lines.

Black Raspberry Black Raspberry
Center is dark chocolate ganache with lots of real raspberry puree. The coating is dark chocolate with milk parallel lines for decoration.
White Raspberry
Raspberry puree with white ganache and a white coating. Decoration is parallel white lines.

White Raspberr
Cappuccino Cappuccino
A dark chocolate ganache flavored with Starbuck's coffee and cinnamon. The coating is white with random dark lines for decoration.
Irish Cream
Milk chocolate ganache with Irish Cream liqueur. Coating is milk chocolate with white cap for decoration.

Irish Cream
Toffeedamia Toffeedamia
A butter toffee poured over roasted macadamia nuts with a milk chocolate coating sprinkled with chopped macadamia nuts.
A rich caramel with toasted pecans. The pieces are coated with chocolate and no decoration.